Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scheduled ETA January 1, 2011

For any onlookers, we probably won't be in full swing until the first of the year.  There may be some random tidbits that occur, but check back in January to see things in full affect.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is the daily notion?

Howdy ho!  So what is the daily notion?  Honestly, I don't quite know.  I'm just a habitual inventor of concepts, designs and I suppose inventions of a sort.  The places I have designed and created have all been successful, but really my heart is just in the creation of the idea and so that is what this is.  This is my ode to the creation of the idea.  To the unrealized or incomplete notions that flutter around.

My hopes and plans are as follows.  As time goes on I hope to post polished versions of a lot of the concepts that I have done over the years that are ready to be made into reality.  These are concepts that are designed to make money and grow into several restaurants or stores, or be made into a TV series, a book, or a product that should be out there.  Anything really.  They are unique and ready to make a splash if put into a business persons hands who has a desire to own a restaurant but lacks the creative resources or knowhow to develop a full concept themselves.   The concepts will be available to purchase and the new owner will own all aspects of it.  I think it's pretty cool and I'm flabbergasted that I've never done this before.

I will also post random traditional posts on the blog if the notion fancies me.

There will also be some ideas or concepts that I don't feel like developing but I'd rather put them out into the world some how.  These will be free to anyone who wants to use them and may be completed on different levels, or just some random notion that struck me while driving.

So, check back option to see the ideas flow and even contribute your own if you have free ones you'd like to get out there.

If you know someone looking to start a restaurant or retail and looking for a design that'll be unique and make them some cash, then send them this way.  If you are interested in the business development and managerial aspects of running a business then please check out my sister website .

Thanks for looking and embrace your notions!